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Imua Kākou (Moving Forward Together)

A new opportunity for young people who exit foster care at 18 in Hawai'i
Imua Kakou is a voluntary program which allows a youth to remain in DHS care from 18 - 21 years old. This will allow more time for youth to transition to adulthood and become independent and self-sufficient adults.
Benefits of being in the voluntary care program:

  • Continue to receive independent living services
  • Assistance with placement/living options in a variety of supervised setting
  • Receive foster board maintenance payments to assist with independent living expenses
  • Receive medical and dental coverage
  • Assistance with applying for school and financial aid, finding employment, job/vocational training
  • Assistance with expanding your network of support and developing a permanent connection with supportive adults

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • You were:
    • Under permanent or foster care at the time you reached the age of eighteen OR
    • Placed in guardianship after reaching the age of sixteen OR
    • Adopted after reaching the age of sixteen
  • You voluntarily consent to participate in the young adult voluntary foster care program
  • The court finds that exercising jurisdiction under this part is in your best interest; and
  • You are:
    • Completing secondary education or a program leading to an equivalent credential OR
    • Enrolled in an institution that provides post-secondary or vocational education OR
    • Participating in a program or activity designed to promote or remove barriers to employment OR
    • Employed for at least 80 hours per month OR
    • Incapable of doing any of the above activities due to a medical condition
    • A former foster youth between the ages of 18 and 21 years whose case has been closed and meets the above criteria
***Remember you can always terminate being in Imua Kakou at any time.

Need help or have any questions? Call us at 1-844-588-IMUA (4682)